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Table 1 Exosome components in the parasitic protists

From: Identification and analysis of the RNA degrading complexes and machinery of Giardia lamblia using an in silico approach

Core and peripheral eukaryotic exosome components
  S. cerevisae H. sapiens A. thaliana T. brucei (TREU) P. falciparum T. vaginalis E. histolyica
G. lamblia (WB) Canonical Archaeal exosome
Ring Components          
rrp41 YGR195W *NP_061910 *AT3G61620 Tb927.10.7450      *NP_342241
rrp42 YDL111C NP_055819   Tb927.1.2580      NP_342240
rrp43 YCR035C NP_852480   Tb11.01.8320      **
rrp45 YDR280W NP_001029366 NP_005024 AT4G27490 AT3G46210 AT3G07750 AT3G12990 AT3G60500 AT1G60080 Tb927.6.670 PF14_0256 PFB0415c MAL13P1.204 PF13_0340 TVAG_250040 TVAG_441560 TVAG_287740 TVAG_027130 TVAG_453750 TVAG_189430 TVAG_220800 EHI_040320 EHI_166910 EHI_126330 EHI_086520 EHI_188080 EHI_000580 GL50803_ 1890 GL50803_5632 GL50803_40007 GL50803_ 9847 **
rrp46 YGR095C NP_064543.3   Tb927.2.2180      **
mtr3 YGR158C NP_478126   Tb11.01.2820      **
rrp4 YHR069C NP_055100 *AT1G03360 *Tb927.7.4670 PFD0515w TVAG_246740 EHI_163510 GL50803_33022 NP_342242
rrp40 YOL142W NP_057126 AT2G25355 AT4G32175 Tb09.160.5160 MAL13P1.36 TVAG_380110 EHI_004770 GL50803_17091 **
csl4 YNL232W NP_057130 AT5G38890 Tb927.5.1200 MAL7P1.104 TVAG_110240 TVAG_121320 U U NP_341842
rrp6 *YOR001W *NP_001001998 NP_002676 AT5G35910
Tb927.4.1630 MAL13P1.311 PF14_0473 TVAG_053630 TVAG_197890 TVAG_283650 EHI_021400 EHI_064630 U **
rrp44 *YOL021C NP_001121698 NP_055768 AT2G17510
Tb11.02.5380 Tb11.01.0260 MAL13P1.289 TVAG_311220 EHI_160720 GL50803_112718 **
  1. The chart displays a selection of organisms and the components of their exosomes divided into the ring, stabilizing and peripheral components. Representative metazoan eukaryotes, S. cerevisiae, H. sapiens, and A. thaliana, are identified on the left most side of the chart, while several species of single-celled eukaryotic parasites are listed in the middle and right side of the chart. The far right column displays the typical proteins composing an archaeal exosome. Components of the exosome whose activity has been confirmed experimentally are marked with asterisks. Gene annotations are from Saccharmoyces Genome Database (S. cerevisiae), National Center for Biotechnology Information (H. sapiens sapiens and canonical archaeal exosome S. solfataricus), The Arabidopsis Information Resource (A. thaliana), and Eukaryotic Pathogen Database (T. brucei, P. falciparum, T. vaginalis, E. histolytica, and G. lamblia). Boxes are coded as follows; normal font/identified, bold font/unable to identify the exact identity, **/non-existant, and U/not identified.