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Table 1 Classification of genes related to reproduction that are differentially expressed (≥1.5 fold changes, q-value < 5%) in larval testes of Wolbachia-infected flies compared to uninfected flies identified by microarray analyses.

From: Differentially expressed profiles in the larval testes of Wolbachia infected and uninfected Drosophila

Relative expression level Biological function Transcript Gene symbol Fold change
Up-regulated germ cell migration CG32491-RP mod (mdg4) 1.7518
  gonad development CG7194-RA CG7194 1.5730
  male germ-line stem cell division CG5686-RA chico 1.5272
Down-regulated ovarian follicle cell development CG11387-RA ct 0.6356
  ovarian follicle cell development CG5993-RA os 0.6297
  male genitalia morphogenesis CG11491-RA br 0.6212
  male meiosis CG15179-RA sunz 0.6196
  spermatogenesis CG9553-RC chic 0.6024
  cytoplasmic transport, nurse cell to oocyte CG8978-RB Sop2 0.6001
  spermatid nucleus differentiation CG8827-RB Ance 0.5681
  reproduction CG12052-RP lola 0.5335
  sperm motility CG17934-RA Mst84Db 0.4979
  male courtship behavior CG14916-RA Gr32a 0.4072