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Figure 1

From: An iterative workflow for mining the human intestinal metaproteome

Figure 1

16S rDNA and Meta-mining analysis of matched metagenomes NO1 and NO3. A and B: 16S rDNA abundance analysis of the two metagenomes. The analysis shows the presence of Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes and Actinobacteria as dominant phylotypes in the gut samples. C and D: Meta-mining of the traces, using a set of 216 annotated high quality genomes from known gut inhabitants using a sequence similarity threshold of >90% over >300 nucleotides. 46.2% of the NO1 traces and 41.8% of the NO3 traces were matched in this approach. The analysis confirms the distribution over the phyla measured using 16S rDNA analysis. E: Color code key

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