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Table 1 The genetics of Eye Muscle Depth (EMD) in Poll Dorset sheep

From: Genetic architecture of gene expression in ovine skeletal muscle

Sire EMD EBV1,2 Accuracy3
Muscling Group Progeny ID Progeny
I 2.95 93 1 High 1-7 7
II 1.49 97 15 High 8-11 4
III 1.78 98 10 High 12-19 8
IV -1.07 97 95 Low 20-27 8
V 0.90 90 45 Low5 28-35 8
VI -1.07 93 95 Low 36-40 5
  1. 1Estimated Breeding Value of a sire for the yearling Eye Muscle Depth (EMD) trait measured by progeny testing. EBVs were derived from data extracted from LAMBPLAN [45].
  2. 2EMD EBV (mm) is a measure of the difference in the trait from the industry-wide contemporary average set in 2001.
  3. 3Accuracy reflects the number of progeny with phenotype information used to calculate the EBV. Accuracy ranges from 0-99% and indicates the probability of an EBV changing with the addition of more progeny data. The magnitude of possible change decreases as accuracy increases. Accuracy below 75% is regarded as low, between 76-90% as medium and above 90% as high.
  4. 4Percentile ranking of the sire amongst contemporaries for the EMD trait.
  5. 5Sire group V was classed in the low muscling sire group because of its percentile ranking relative to sires in the high muscling group.