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Table 4 Putative secreted proteins deduced from the sialotranscriptome analysis and indication of expression by proteomic analysis

From: An insight into the sialome of Simulium guianense (DIPTERA:SIMulIIDAE), the main vector of River Blindness Disease in Brazil

Description Protein name | Fraction → number of peptides
Laminin-like Sg-431|F14→ 2
Amylase/maltase Sg-214|F16→116, Sg-296|F17→32
Apyrase Sg-354|F16→58
  Sg-126|F16→12, Sg-129|F16→12, Sg-121|F16→12,
Simulium mucin Sg-120|F16→11, Sg-127|F16→11, Sg-117|F16→10,
  Sg-128|F16→10, Sg-119|F16→9, Sg-125|F9→7
Hyaluronidase Sg-414|F20→14
Diptera secreted protein from conserved insect Sg-215|F21→134, Sg-216|F21→133, Sg-292|F17→49,
  Sg-347|F14→36, Sg-256|F13→28
Simulium collagen-like Sg-152|F23→87, Sg-149|F23→84
Acid 28-kDa Sg-320|F23→45, Sg-321|F23→41, Sg-319|F23→23
Long D7 Sg-261|F26→42, Sg-220|F23→24, Sg-218|F23→14
Serine proteases Sg-244|F24→48, Sg-138|F25→28, Sg-416| F24→6
Antigen-5 Sg-457|F24→30
Aegyptin Sg-276|F24→37
Simulium basic 28-kDa Sg-136|F24→34
Deorphanized 19-kDa Sg-303|F27→17, Sg-309|F27→9
Sv 7.8-kDa Sg-356|F27→11, Sg-372|F30→9, Sg-227|F32→4, Sg-
D7 16-kDa Sg-331|F29→14, Sg-350|F30→9
Simulium basic 13 kDa Sg-446|F29→2
Deorphanized Sn 8-10 Cys W Sg-340|F29→22, Sg-324|F29→12
Lysozyme Sg-263|F30→7
Kunitz domain Sg-395|F30→2
  Sg-1|F30→164, Sg-8|F30→149, Sg-92|F30→53, Sg-
  102|F30→43, Sg-94|F30→34, Sg-93|F30→33, Sg-
SVEP 100|F30→32, Sg-95|F30→26, Sg-90|F30→25, Sg-
  99|F30→25, Sg-103|F30→22, Sg-101|F30→20, Sg-
5-Cys Simulium Sg-282|F30→3
Basic 7-13 Simulium Sg-403|F30→8, Sg-420|F31→3
Cecropin Sg-368|F31→2, Sg-369|F31→3
Ultra-short D7 Sg-383|F31→3
Simulium basic 7.4 kDa Sg-422|F31→4
Deorphanized 8 kDa basic Sg-258|F31→5
Similar to Kunitoxin Sg-375|F31→4