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Figure 5

From: Employing machine learning for reliable miRNA target identification in plants

Figure 5

The ROC plots for classifier models of p-TAREF with 10 fold cross validation. As the plots show, the classifier was found robust in performance with high AUC values, where the highest one was observed for polynomial kernel model. For cases A-F, two major experimentally validated data sources, Beuclair et al(2010) and ASRP, were used to prepare the datasets. For cases F and H, tests were performed using the reference test set as well as protocol used by TAPIR and Target-align. The curves represent the following tests: A) Linear Kernel/ASRP B) Gaussian Kernel/ASRP C) Polynomial Kernel/ASRP D) Linear/Beuclair E) Gaussian/Beuclair F) Polynomial/Beuclair G)Target-align/(Tapir/Target align dataset) H) p-TAREF(Tapir/Target-Align dataset).

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