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Table 3 Examples of disagreements between SILAC classification and our predictions

From: PNAC: a protein nucleolar association classifier

Accession Name SILAC classification PNAC classification Experimental observations from literature
NP_006588 HSPA8 Non-nucleolar (highly cytoplasmic) Nucleolar-cytoplasmic Usually cytoplasmic but accumulates in nucleoli after heat-shock [43, 44]
NP_001013 RPS19 Non-nucleolar (highly cytoplasmic) Nucleolar-cytoplasmic Ribosomal protein which accumulates in the nucleolus [45]
NP_919223 HNRNPA3 Non-nucleolar (mainly nucleoplasmic) Nucleolar-enriched The Human Proteome Atlas finds it in the nucleolus, nucleus and cytoplasm [46]
NP_002120 HMGB2 Non-nucleolar (mainly cytoplasmic but also nucleoplasmic) Nucleolar-nucleoplasmic The Human Proteome Atlas finds it to be strongly nucleolar [46]
NP_061185 RCC2 Mainly nucleoplasmic Nucleolar-nucleoplasmic Annotated in Uniprot as nucleolar, cytoplasmic and centromere
NP_002408 Antigen KI-67 Highly enriched in nucleolus Nucleolar-nucleoplasmic Annotated in Uniprot as predominantly perinucleolar in G1 and in later phases predominantly localised in the nuclear matrix [30]