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Table 3 SNP allele, map position, and segregation ratio of markers polymorphic in the Ogle1040 × TAM O-301 (OT) mapping population

From: Model SNP development for complex genomes based on hexaploid oat using high-throughput 454 sequencing technology

SNP Allele OT LGa SRb
  Ogle1040 TAM O-301   
C51_1 T C OT_4 0.90
C51_2 C T OT_4 0.81
C104_1 G A OT_30 0.49
C250_1 A G OT_20_29 2.00
c318_1 G C OT_34 1.61
c540_1 A G Frag_14 1.08
c841_2 T G OT_32_33 0.71
c841_3 T G OT_32_33 0.68
c876_1a T G OT_16 0.89
c876_1b A T OT_10 1.32
c1196_1 A T OT_6 1.30
c1361_1 C A OT_32_33 0.91
c1579_1 G C OT_20_29 1.08
c2043_1 C G OT_31 0.91
c2106_2 - - OT_32_33 0.96
c2391_1 C T OT_32_33 0.68
c2391_2 C T OT_30 0.82
c2391_4 C G OT_34 1.01
c2391_5 G T OT_34 1.09
c2539_1 - - Unlinked 1.60
c2680_1 T C OT_24 0.94
c3212_1 A G OT_24 1.48
c3768_1 G A OT_24 1.03
c4096_1 - - OT_13 0.86
c5153_1 G A OT_27 0.79
c5252_1 G A OT_11 0.94
c5469_1 A G OT_1 1.05
c7461_1 G A OT_2 1.08
c10486_1 T G Unlinked 0.92
c11164_1 A G OT_11 1.16
c11164_2 C T OT_6 1.21
c12344_1 C G Unlinked 0.79
c12516_1 T A OT_27 0.82
c12516_2 G A OT_34 1.08
c14852_2 C A OT_2 0.78
c15098_1 C T OT_34 1.00
c16908_1 C A OT_10 0.73
c22314_1 G T OT_11 0.94
c23257_1 A C OT_13 0.96
lrc14030_1 T A OT_27 0.79
lrc16053_1 A G OT_8 1.13
lrc16053_2 C T OT_32_33 0.67
lrc16053_3 T C OT_32_33 0.89
lrc27472_2 A C OT_32_33 0.68
lrc34490_1 C A OT_15 0.92
lrc38531_1 C A OT_34 0.94
lrc38531_2 - - OT_8 0.75
lrc40347_1 G C Unlinked 0.81
  1. a Linkage group assignment is based on appending new SSR loci to the existing OT linkage map [Ref. [35]] using Map Manager QTX.
  2. b SR = Segregation ratio, calculated as the quotient of O/T allele frequencies within the population.