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Table 8 Large structural components found in Group B1 strains.

From: The genome sequence of E. coli W (ATCC 9637): comparative genome analysis and an improved genome-scale reconstruction of E. coli

Strain Flag-1 Flag-2 T2SS ETT1 ETT2a EHS ETSS2
W x x x - x x x
SE11 x - - - x x -
IAI1 x - - - x x -
55989 x - - - x x -
E24377A x   - - x x x
O26 x x x x x ΔetsH-etsG -
O103 x - x x x x x
O111 x x - x x x -
  1. a - This locus is inactive in each group B1 strain
  2. Presence (x) or absence (-) of large structural elements in group B1 strains. Flag-1 & Flag-2 refers to the two flagellar systems found in E. coli. T2SS refers to the second type two secretion system (yghJ-pppA-yghG-gspC-M). ETT1 & ETT2 are the E. coli Type III secretion systems. EHS is the enterohemorrhagic type six secretion system, and ETSS2 is the Escherichia coli type six secretion system.