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Table 2 EA 2018 gene variations associated with key phenotypes

From: Comparative genomic and transcriptomic analysis revealed genetic characteristics related to solvent formation and xylose utilization in Clostridium acetobutylicum EA 2018

Gene locus in EA 2018 Gene locus in ATCC 824 Gene variation sites in EA 2018 Gene variation sites in ATCC 824 Protein variation sites in EA 2018 Protein variation sites in ATCC 824 Product name
Solvent formation related genes
CEA_G1048 CAC1036 899(T) 899(C) 300(V) 300(A) Pyruvate kinase
CEA_G1755 CAC1742 391(A) 391(G) 131(N) 131(D) phosphotransacetylase
CEA_G2463 CAC2449 256(A) 256(G) 86(S) 86(G) Predicted flavoprotein
CEA_G2485 CAC2471 439(A) 438-439(-) 147-150(R,L,P,I) 147-150 (G,C,L,Stop codon) Transcriptional regulator, TetR/AcrR family
CEA_G2556 CAC2543 241-249 (G,T,A,G, A,T,C,A,T) 240-241(---) 81-83(V,D,H) 80-81(---) Electron-transferring flavoprotein large subunit
CEA_G2806 CAC2798 286(A) 286(G) 96(M) 96(V) NADH:flavin oxidoreductase
CEA_P0058 CA_P0059 754(A) 754(C) 252(N) 252(H) Alcohol dehydrogenase
CEA_P0077 CA_P0078 91(A) 91(G) 31(T) 31(A) acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase
CEA_P0140 CA_P0141 566(T) 566(C) 189(I) 189(T) Periplasmic hydrogenase small subunit, dehydrogenase
Substrate utilization related genes
CEA_G0239 CAC0234 1072(T) 1072(C) 358(Stop codon) 358(Q) PTS system, fructoso-specific IIBC component
CEA_G1333 CAC1319 5(T) 5(C) 2(I) 2(T) Glycerol uptake facilitator protein, GLPF
CEA_G1472 CAC1456 974(T) 974(A) 325(M) 325(K) Sugar-binding periplasmic protein
CEA_G2622 CAC2613 270(T) 270(G) 90(C) 90(W) Transcriptional regulators of NagC/XylR family
CEA_G2919 CAC2912 97(A) 97(C) 33(T) 33(P) Sugar-binding periplasmic protein
CEA_P0052 CA_P0053 317(C) 317(T) 106(P) 106(L) Xylanase, glycosyl hydrolase family 10
Sporulation related genes
CEA_G0080 CAC0080 1160(A) 1159-1160(-) 387-392(N,I,Q,D,L,Stop codon) 387-391(I,Y,K,I,Y,K) Histidine kinase-like ATPase
CEA_G0656 CAC0644 1226(T) 1226(G) 409(V) 409(G) Spore germination protein gerKA
CEA_G0710 CAC0699 416(C) 416(T) 139(T) 139(I) Spore photoproduct lyase, splB
CEA_G2066 CAC2052 688(A) 687-688(-) 230-248 (18 amino acid) 230-238 (7 amino acid and a Stop Codon) DNA-dependent RNA polymerase sigma subunit
CEA_G3736 CAC3729 374(T) 374(C) 125(L) 125(P) Stage 0 sporulation J, ParB family of DNA-binding proteins
CEA_P0016 CA_P0017 11,245(G,A) 11,245(T,C) 4,82(E,G) 4,82(A,V) Spore germination protein, GRKB
CEA_P0019 CA_P0020 1120(C) 1120(T) 407(A) 407(V) Spore germination protein, GRKA
CEA_P0021 CA_P0022 -151(T) 104(C) 1(---) 1-85(85 amino acids insertion) Spore germination protein, GRKB
  1. Numbers in gene or protein variation sites lines indicated the variation sites in genes; the letters in bracket means the corresponding variation bases or amino acid; the symbol "-" means deletion in genes; the symbol "---" means consecutive deletion in genes; "No" means no amino acid variation; "Stop codon" means this site is mutated to stop codon.