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Table 3 EA 2018 putative promoter variations related to key phenotypes

From: Comparative genomic and transcriptomic analysis revealed genetic characteristics related to solvent formation and xylose utilization in Clostridium acetobutylicum EA 2018

Gene locus in EA 2018 Gene locus in ATCC 824 Gene variation sites in EA 2018 Gene variation sites in ATCC 824 Product Name
Solvent formation related genes
CEA_G0028 CAC0028 -12(T) -12(C) Hydrogen dehydrogenase
CEA_P0034 CA_P0035 -84(T) -84(C) Aldehyde-alcohol dehydrogenase, ADHEII
Substrate utilization related genes
CEA_G3043 CAC3037 -80(T) -80(C) Catabolite control protein, LacI family transcriptional regulator
CEA_G3455 CAC3451 -84(T) -84(G) Sugar/Na+(H+) simporter
CEA_G1086 CAC1075 -56(T) -56(G) Beta-glucosidase family protein
CEA_G1365 CAC1351 -97(T) -97(C) Periplasmic sugar-binding protein
Sporulation related genes
CEA_G1634 CAC1620 -136(T) -136(G) Small acid-soluble spore protein
CEA_G3742 CAC3735 -(8-7)(-) -7(C) Predicted RNA-binding protein Jag, SpoIIIJ-associated
  1. Numbers in gene or protein variation sites lines indicated the variation sites in genes; the letters in bracket means the corresponding variation bases or amino acid; the symbol "-" means deletion in genes.