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Table 5 Analyses of putative deletions for their effects on gene annotations

From: Structural variation in the chicken genome identified by paired-end next-generation DNA sequencing of reduced representation libraries

Breakpoints* Transcript(s) Modification Protein
8_4940538-4940787 ENSGALT00000005255 Truncation last exon Flavin_mOase
14_14073018-14073274 ENSGALT00000003325 Truncation exon 9 or 5' deletion exon 10 PDZ domain
3_78504957-78505263 ENSGALT00000025445 5' deletion in last exon Ionic channel
9_6501514-6501912 ENSGALT00000008864/40988 5' deletion in exon 4 Transcription factor
1_70753183-70753846 ENSGALT00000022933 Truncation exon 10 EGF-like
1_13962380-13963075 ENSGALT00000013428 Truncation exon 2 Unknown
11_748787-749698 ENSGALT00000002076/23151 Truncation last exon ADP-ribosylation factor-like
  1. Putative deletions with breakpoints predicted in exons were further analyzed in Ensembl [26]. Involved transcripts and protein functions were identified and putative modifications recorded.
  2. *Breakpoints are estimated from the mapping results and might differ a few tens of bases from the exact genomic locations.