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Table 2 Assembly summary statistics

From: De novo characterization of the gametophyte transcriptome in bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum

  Primary assembly (MIRA) Secondary assembly (MIRA+CAP3)
Number of reads assembled into contigs 574,134 640,285
Number of reads discarded during assembly 31,723 0
Number of 454 reads retained as singletons 75,865 9,714
Number of primary contigs (MIRA) 91,100 24,775
Number of secondary contigs (CAP3) 0 21,767
Total number of unique sequences (unigenes) 166,965 56,256
Mean unigene length (bp) 423.11 547.23
Largest unigene length (bp) 1,746 3,229
Total assembly length (Mbp) 70.65 30.79
Mean read depth coverage 3.03 6.96
  1. A comparison of the primary and secondary assemblies. Secondary assembly was used to condense and join contigs and singletons from the primary assembly to reduce sequence level redundancy in the final unigene set.