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Figure 3

From: Environment sensing and response mediated by ABC transporters

Figure 3

Comparison of binding and enzyme activity profiles for selected proteins in or adjacent to the pimFABCDE operon. The left ordinate represents increased stabilization increment (ΔTm) for the RPA3724 and RPA3723 binding proteins obtained in the presence of the indicated ligands relative to that obtained in the absence of ligands. Data represented is for dicarboxylic acid concentrations of 1000 µM assayed with 10 µM protein and fatty acid concentrations of 40 µM assayed with 4 µM protein. Theright ordinate represents the activity of PimA ligase with dicarboxylic acid and fatty acid substrates as reported in the literature[26]. (*) Indicates protein was not tested with the respective ligand. Name abbreviations for fatty acids and C6-C10 dicarboxylic acids lack “acid” for brevity, while abbreviations for C11-C14 dicarboxylic acids are: undec , undecanedioic acid; dodec, dodecanedioic acid; tridec, tridecanedioic acid; tetradec, tetradecanedioic acid.

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