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Table 3 Confusion matrix of M. africanum strains

From: Sublineage structure analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains using multiple-biomarker tensors

  MA1 MA2 MA3 MA4
Stability 1 1 1 1
AFRI 2 5 1 0
AFRI_1 21 0 0 16
AFRI_2 0 12 0 0
AFRI_3 0 1 6 0
  1. Confusion matrix for 64 distinct M. africanum strains showing the correspondence between the SpolDB4 families and tensor sublineages. The stability of each tensor sublineage is given in the second row. All four M. africanum sublineages have a stability of 1, indicating that clear and distinct genetic diversity exists between the M. africanum sublineages. Each number in the table represents the number of strains that belong to associated SpolDB4 lineage in that row and associated tensor sublineage in that column.