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Table 5 Confusion matrix of M. bovis strains

From: Sublineage structure analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains using multiple-biomarker tensors

  MB1 MB2 MB3
Stability 1 1 1
BOV 7 5 5
BOVIS1 0 0 29
BOVIS1_BCG 0 0 11
BOVIS2 24 0 0
BOVIS3 0 21 0
  1. Confusion matrix of M. bovis strains clustered into 3 groups using PARAFAC. Correct labels are SpolDB4 labels on the rows, and tensor sublineages are represented by each column. Stability of 1 for the tensor sublineages indicates that they have clear and marked differences based on their genotype. MB1 contains all BOVIS2 strains, MB2 contains all BOVIS3 strains, and MB3 contains all BOVIS1 and BOVIS1_BCG strains.