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Table 4 Significant GO terms of genes in three biclusters

From: Dynamic biclustering of microarray data by multi-objective immune optimization

Cluster No. No. of genes Process Function Component
1 99 Response to DNA damage stimulus (n=21,p=0.0016) RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity (n=11,p=0.0064) Intracellular membrane-bound organelle (n=16,p=0.0025)
22 91 Physiological process (n=23,p=0.0014) MAP kinase activity (n=6,p=0.0023) Cytosolic ribosome (n=17,p=0.0042)
78 145 Protein biosynthesis (n=52,p=0.0024) Protein transporter activity (n=9,p=0.0021) Cytosolic ribosome (n=12,p=0.0032)
  1. Table 4 lists the significant shared GO terms which are used to describe genes in each bicluster for the process, function and component ontology.