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Figure 1

From: CAMBer: an approach to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains

Figure 1

Schema of the method Schema of our method to represent the structure of multigenes. For clarity of presentation only one step of the procedure is shown. Square brackets correspond to stop codons of annotated genes, while round brackets with a star correspond to start codons of annotated genes. Round brackets without a star correspond to putative genes indicated by our method (new elements of the multigene). a) Input annotations for strains indicate the initial state of the procedure. b) Dashed arrows indicate acceptable hits. The reader should notice a birth of a second element, rendering a multigene with two elements. c) Two examples of edges in the consolidation graph. Dots represent different elements of a multigene which is represented here as a rectangle. Edges connecting dots represent acceptable hits (we ignore directions here). Edges between rectangles represent edges of the consolidation graph.

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