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Table 1 M. tuberculosis dataset

From: CAMBer: an approach to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains

strain ID source resist. # of genes lab.
H37Rv NC_000962 DS 3988(26) S
H37Ra NC_009525 DS 4034(22) C
F11 NC_009565 DS 3941(5) B
KZN 4207(T) PLoS One. [16] DS 3902(47) T
KZN 4207(B) Broad Institute DS 3996(4) B
KZN 1435 Broad Institute MDR 4059(10) B
KZN V2475 PLoS One. [16] MDR 3893(3792) T
KZN 605 Broad Institute XDR 4024(26) B
KZN R506 PLoS One. [16] XDR 3902(46) T
  1. Details for input strains for the M. tuberculosis case study. The first number in column called ’# of genes’ corresponds to the number of annotated genes, the second (in brackets) corresponds to the number of genes excluded in the study due to unusual start or stop codons or sequence length not divisible by three. In order to avoid ambiguity in naming the same strain sequenced by two labs we introduce an additional suffix (T or B). Characters in last column, called ’lab.’, describe the sequencing laboratories: B - The Broad Institute, T - Texas A&M University, C - Chinese National Human Genome Center at Shanghai, S - Sanger Institute.