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Table 4 S. aureus dataset. Details for input strains for the S. aureus case study. The first number in column called ’# of genes’ corresponds to the number of annotated genes, the second (in brackets) corresponds to the number of genes excluded in the study due to unusual start or stop codons or sequence length not divisible by three.

From: CAMBer: an approach to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains

strain ID source (GenBank ID) # of genes genome length lab.
TW20 0582 FN433596 2769(5) 3043210 Welcome Trust Sanger Institute
JKD6008 CP002120 2680(0) 2924344 Monash University
JH9 CP000703 2769(5) 2906700 US DOE Joint Genome Institute
JH1 CP000736 2680(0) 2906507 US DOE Joint Genome Institute
MRSA252 BX571856 2697(0) 2902619 Sanger Institute
Mu3 AP009324 2746(0) 2880168 Juntendo University
Newman AP009351 2655(5) 2878897 Juntendo University
Mu50 BA000017 2699(63) 2878529 Juntendo University
USA300 TCH1516 CP000730 2624(0) 2872915 Baylor College of Medicine
USA300 FPR3757 CP000255 2699(61) 2872769 University of California, San Francisco
ST398 S0385 AM990992 2657(0) 2872582 University Medical Centre Utrecht
ED133 CP001996 2560(0) 2832478 University of Edinburgh
ED98 CP001781 2699(0) 2824404 University of Edinburgh
04-02981 CP001844 2653(2) 2821452 Robert Koch Institute
NCTC 8325 CP000253 2661(0) 2821361 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
MW2 BA000033 2650(59) 2820462 NITE
N315 BA000018 2892(0) 2814816 Juntendo University
JKD6159 CP002114 2632(6) 2811435 University of Melbourne
COL CP000046 2593(59) 2809422 TIGR
TCH60 CP002110 2555(1) 2802675 Baylor College of Medicine
MSSA476 BX571857 2672(1) 2799802 Sanger Institute
RF122 AJ938182 2673(0) 2742531 University of Minnesota