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Table 4 Prediction of granzyme B cleavage of CHIKV proteome

From: In silico prediction of the granzyme B degradome

Protein Biological activity and function Cleavage sites*
NSP1 Non-structural: mRNA capping 9, 11, 58, 525
NSP2 Non-structural: NTPase, helicase and protease activities 116, 247, 343
NSP3 Non-structural: ADP-ribose phosphatase activity 181, 350, 363, 506
NSP4 Non-structural: RNA polymerase activity 219, 371, 476, 540
E1 Structural: virus-host cell fusion Nil
E2 Structural: virus-host cell attachment 77
E3 Structural: unknown Nil
Capsid Structural: protease, viral nucleocapsid formation 112, 174
6K Structural: membrane permeabilization, budding of viral particles Nil
  1. *Position of the P1 residue on the substrate. All predicted cleavage sites contain Asp at P1. Underlines indicate P1 location in the functional domain(s) of protein.