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Table 1 Sequencing, quality control and assembly of the two libraries

From: Effective gene collection from the metatranscriptome of marine microorganisms

  Non-normalized Normalized
  Number of reads 607,490 572,233
Raw data Average length 309.2bp 275.8bp
  Total base pairs 187.9Mbp 157.8Mbp
  Number of reads 483,335 373,627
Quality control Average length 333.5bp 323.2bp
  Total base pairs 161.0Mbp 120.8Mbp
  Full-length 45,064 49,121
Assembly Contig 53,324 32,440
  Singlet 118,251 97,124
Final Total number of genes 216,639 178,685
  Total base pairs 73.7Mbp 57.3Mbp
  1. Raw data was produced on a Roche GS FLX sequencer. The quality control process removed low-quality sequences and vectors. After the identification of full-length genes, the assembly process classified contigs and singlets. The total number of genes represents the sum of full-length genes, contigs, and singlets.