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Figure 3

From: Liverome: a curated database of liver cancer-related gene signatures with self-contained context information

Figure 3

The web interface of Liverome. (A) Itemized summary of gene signature, which appears as a pop-up window upon clicking on the name of the signature, as indicated by red rounded rectangles in the figure. (B) Result from gene search interface which reports the informatively named gene signature hits in which the queried gene is found (left column), along with numerical ranking information and designation of compared groups (right column). (C) The browse and comparison interface in which three signatures are marked. (D) Result from the browse and comparison interface. Several display controls are provided at the top of the screen. The table below provides a sorted view of all the genes that are found in the selected signatures. The sequence of the sorting applied to the table is shown on the right of the “Sorted by” control. This table was made compact by using the “Set columns to display” control. See the user guide on the web site for more information.

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