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Table 3 Minimal set of constraints imposed to represent different growth condition

From: AlgaGEM – a genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of algae based on the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genome

Inputs, outputs and constraints Autotrophic Heterotrophic Mixotrophic
C source: CO2 uptake + - +
C source: Acetate uptake - + +
Photons uptake (free flux) + - +
Optimization 1: minimize uptake of Photons Acetate Photons
Optimization 2: maximize product H2 H2 H2
Biomass rate (fixed) * 0.059 h-1 0.035 h-1 0.066 h-1
  1. *Biomass rate and biomass equation was used for each growth regime, based on measurements found in the literature [13].