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Table 5 Upregulation of key target enzymes when H2 is produced under mixotrophic conditions, highlighted by AlgaGEM

From: AlgaGEM – a genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of algae based on the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genome

Step reaction Regulation (up/down) Reference*
Cyclic electron flow (PSI) - [48]
Linear electron flow (PSII) + [48]
TCA cycle/mitochondria - [48]
Fe-Hydrogenases + [29, 31, 35, 4952]
Ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase (FNR) + [53]
Glyceraldehyde 3-P-dehydrogenase + [5457]
Pyruvate ferredoxin oxireductase + [5860]
Calvin Cycle/CO2 assimilation - [44]
Acetate assimilation + [44]
Gluconeogenesis (cytosolic) + Not found
Pentose phosphate pathway (cytosolic) - Not found
Pentose phosphate pathway (plastidic) + Not found
Beta oxidation/glyoxylate cycle - Not found
glutamate synthase (ferredoxin);GSGOGAT + Not found
glutamine synthetase; GS/GOGAT - Not found
  1. *Results supported by evidences found in the literature. Not found: model highlights new targets in different pathways to improve H2 that need further experimental investigation for model validation.