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Table 2 Ranking of P. falciparum 3D7-amplified and PCR-free libraries.

From: Optimizing illumina next-generation sequencing library preparation for extremely at-biased genomes

Amplification Coverage score MM score Rank ALL
PCR -Free 0.99 0.95 0.97
Kapa HiFi 0.8 0.58 0.69
Platinum pfx 0.67 0.59 0.63
AccuPrime Taq HiFi 0.59 0.56 0.58
RPA 0.52 0.6 0.56
Kapa2G Robust 0.59 0.57 0.58
Phusion 0.22 0.5 0.36
T7 0.74 0.43 0.58
  1. Ranking was based on genome coverage and accuracy. Coverage score: PCR-free and Kapa HiFi had the lowest percentage of genome covered at 0 or <5× thereby scoring the highest. Mismatch (MM) score: Loci of low complexity were used to generate mismatch ranking (see Material and Methods under Fidelity section). The number of True positive mismatches, False positive mismatches, Deletion and Insertions obtained for each library were used to generate a score before combining all scores to generate an overall mismatch rank. Using these criteria, RPA produced the highest score and T7 scored the least. See additional file 1, Table S3 for raw ranking data.