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Figure 2

From: Quantitative genome re-sequencing defines multiple mutations conferring chloroquine resistance in rodent malaria

Figure 2

Scans of chloroquine selection (LGS-pyro). Allele proportions (sensitive strain, AJ) in uncloned progeny of genetic crosses using AS/AJ SNPs (pyrosequencing). A. Genome-wide - AS-30CQ × AJ parasites surviving 1.5 (black, ■), 3 (blue, ♦), 10 (green, ▲) or 20 (orange, +) mg CQ kg-1 day-1. The positions of mutations in aat1, PCHAS_031370 and ubp1 are indicated, and the proportions of the wild-type (AJ) base at these positions (as estimated by proportional sequencing [54]) are included. B. Chromosome 11 selection valley - parasites surviving 3 mg CQ kg-1 day-1, with position of aat1 mutation indicated; AS-30CQ × AJ backcross (blue, ♦), AS-15MF × AJ backcross (red, ■). The region previously defined by classical genetic linkage analysis [20] is shown (gradient shaded green box).

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