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Table 2 Comparison of divergent and differentially expressed genes in the phytopathogens to E. coli.

From: Evolution of the metabolic and regulatory networks associated with oxygen availability in two phytopathogenic enterobacteria

ASAP Feature ID Gene
Product Fold change
D. dadantii P. atrosepticum E. coli    D. dadantii P. atrosepticum E. coli
ABF-0014955 ABL-0064548 ABE-0003424 putA Proline dehydrogenase 5.3 -3.7 1*
ABF-0015852 ABL-0063738 ABE-0002201   putative lipoprotein -3.4 6.3 1.2*
ABF-0015853 ABL-0063739    putative membrane protein -5.1 6.5  
ABF-0015854 ABL-0063740    IcmF-related protein -4.9 7  
ABF-0015858 ABL-0063744    putative chaperone -4.3 10  
ABF-0015859 ABL-0063745    putative membrane protein -5.8 8.8  
ABF-0015860 ABL-0063746    hypothetical protein -3.6 9.9  
ABF-0015861 ABL-0063747    putative lipoprotein -4.4 8.6  
ABF-0015862 ABL-0063748    hypothetical protein -4.5 9.4  
ABF-0015864 ABL-0063749    hypothetical protein -4.4 6.8  
ABF-0015865 ABL-0063750    hypothetical protein -5.6 6.8  
ABF-0015866 ABL-0063751    hypothetical protein -4.6 9.1  
ABF-0015868 ABL-0063752    hypothetical protein -3.8 6.6  
ABF-0018340 ABL-0061543 ABE-0002155 lipA lipoate synthase 3 -3.3 -1.4*
ABF-0018771 ABL-0062484   cybC soluble cytochrome b562 3.3 -17.6  
  1. This list of orthologous phytopathogen genes have a 1-1 relationship according to OrthoMCL and are differentially expressed with a 3 fold or more change in gene expression for both orthologs, but in opposite directions. Where there is a single E. coli ortholog in the group, the fold change is included, and, statistically insignificant values are marked with an asterisk. The gene names and products were selected from among the three organisms to favor the most correct or most potentially informative and edited slightly to unify the format.