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Table 3 The 50 GO terms most expanded in the Mtb clade relative to the non-pathogenic, soil-dwelling Mycobacteria

From: Comparative analysis of mycobacterium and related actinomycetes yields insight into the evolution of mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis

GO descriptor GO term ID p-valuea inter-to-intra centroid difference
4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate red. activity GO_0051745 4.80E-08 7.20E+00
dTMP biosynthetic process GO_0006231 7.30E-07 4.40E+00
response to cAMP GO_0051591 1.40E-06 1.20E+01
succinate dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) activity GO_0008177 1.70E-06 5.10E+00
iron ion transport GO_0006826 2.70E-06 4.70E+00
magnesium ion binding GO_0000287 2.80E-06 1.70E+00
c fatty-acyl-CoA synthase activity GO_0004321 5.10E-06 6.50E+00
c acyltransferase activity GO_0008415 7.60E-06 3.60E+00
transferase activity, transferring alkyl or aryl (other than methyl) groups GO_0016765 1.30E-05 2.60E+00
c tricarboxylic acid cycle GO_0006099 1.30E-05 3.40E+00
d Mo-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic process GO_0006777 1.40E-05 6.30E+00
integral to membrane GO_0016021 2.00E-05 2.00E+00
acid phosphatase activity GO_0003993 2.50E-05 3.20E+00
phosphatase activity GO_0016791 3.20E-05 4.10E+00
erythronolide synthase activity GO_0047879 4.20E-05 8.20E+00
d 4-alpha-hydroxytetrahydrobiopterin dehydratase activity GO_0008124 6.80E-05 6.20E+00
c lipid metabolic process GO_0006629 6.80E-05 4.70E+00
bacteriochlorophyll biosynthetic process GO_0030494 7.00E-05 1.30E+00
plasma membrane GO_0005886 7.10E-05 2.70E+00
d tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthetic process GO_0006729 1.10E-04 8.80E+00
c lipid biosynthetic process GO_0008610 1.20E-04 3.50E+00
phosphatidylcholine metabolic process GO_0046470 1.60E-04 9.50E+00
c geranyltranstransferase activity GO_0004337 1.60E-04 6.80E+00
cytoplasm GO_0005737 1.90E-04 1.40E+00
protein transport GO_0015031 1.90E-04 1.70E+00
guanosine tetraphosphate metabolic process GO_0015969 2.20E-04 5.00E+00
glyoxylate cycle GO_0006097 2.20E-04 4.30E+00
phosphoglycolate phosphatase activity GO_0008967 2.80E-04 4.30E+00
terpenoid biosynthetic process GO_0016114 3.90E-04 2.80E+00
sulfur metabolic process GO_0006790 4.10E-04 5.30E+00
4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding GO_0051539 5.00E-04 2.90E+00
succinate dehydrogenase activity GO_0000104 5.70E-04 4.60E+00
b mycocerosate synthase activity GO_0050111 5.80E-04 4.10E+00
c phospholipid biosynthetic process GO_0008654 6.10E-04 2.30E+00
nucleoside metabolic process GO_0009116 6.30E-04 3.60E+00
c phosphopantetheine binding GO_0031177 8.20E-04 3.00E+00
adenylate cyclase activity GO_0004016 8.30E-04 5.50E+00
D-arabinono-1,4-lactone oxidase activity GO_0003885 9.70E-04 8.40E+00
anaerobic respiration GO_0009061 9.90E-04 1.10E+01
nodulation GO_0009877 1.10E-03 7.10E+00
c prenyltransferase activity GO_0004659 1.10E-03 4.20E+00
c lysophospholipase activity GO_0004622 1.30E-03 8.50E+00
c acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity GO_0003989 1.30E-03 2.40E+00
histidinol-phosphatase activity GO_0004401 2.10E-03 6.50E+00
pyridine nucleotide biosynthetic process GO_0019363 2.30E-03 5.00E+00
NAD biosynthetic process GO_0009435 3.30E-03 1.30E+00
lactate fermentation to propionate and acetate GO_0019652 3.40E-03 3.40E+00
alkylglycerone-phosphate synthase activity GO_0008609 3.40E-03 7.10E+00
b cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase activity GO_0008825 4.00E-03 5.90E+00
methylcrotonoyl-CoA carboxylase activity GO_0004485 4.40E-03 3.00E+00
  1. aBonferroni-corrected p-value calculated from T-test
  2. b pathogenicity or survival within the host
  3. c Lipid metabolism
  4. d Cofactor biosynthesis
  5. e unknown function