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Figure 3

From: Analysis of plant LTR-retrotransposons at the fine-scale family level reveals individual molecular patterns

Figure 3

Fluorescent in situ hybridization patterns observed for sugarcane LTR-RTs. A pair of representative chromosomes is shown underneath the metaphase spreads. Chromosomes are stained with DAPI, probes were labelled with Digoxigenin (DIG) and detected with Anti-DIG-Rhodomine (red signal) or with Biotin and detected with NeutrAvidin-Oregon Green (green signal) (a) DAPI counterstaining only. (b) BAC SCHRBa_239_N21 which contains known sugarcane centromeric repeats (c) scAle probe (euchromatic pattern). (d) scMaximus probe (dispersed pattern) (e) scDELprobe (centromeric/pericentromeric pattern). The LTR-RT probes were 1.9-2.9 kb and included the reverse transcriptase domain.

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