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Figure 5

From: Analysis of plant LTR-retrotransposons at the fine-scale family level reveals individual molecular patterns

Figure 5

Mapping of small RNAs in confirmed transcriptionally active LTR-RTs families. (a) Sugarcane TEs are transcriptionally active in leaf and bud tissues. Expression profiles of selected TEs in leaf blade and developing lateral buds of the sugarcane hybrid SP80-3280. Ribosomal 25S gene (Sc25S) was used as a loading control. RT- (reaction without RT) and PCR- (reaction without cDNA) are shown as negative controls. Numbers in parentheses represent PCR cycles for each amplicon. (b). Mapping of sRNA within 8 LTR-RT families. 20-22nt sRNAs are represented as blue lines, 23-25nt sRNAs as red lines. A scaled schematic (also shown in Figures 1 and 2), is shown below each sRNA map.

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