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Table 2 FatiScan gene set enrichment analysis

From: Genome-wide analysis of Pax8 binding provides new insights into thyroid functions

Gene Ontology term WT vs Pax8
Scramble vs Pax8
Translation (GO:0006412) 7.10E-12 1.91E-09
Response to external stimulus (GO:0009605) 2.20E-05 2.02E-07
Response to wounding (GO:0009611) 2.20E-05 6.87E-05
Cellular component movement (GO:0006928) 4.97E-03 6.87E-05
Response to hormone stimulus (GO:0009725) 2.86E-02 1.24E-04
Immune response (GO:0006955) 9.08E-11 1.42E-04
Cell adhesion (GO:0007155) 8.00E-03 6.95E-04
Response to steroid hormone stimulus (GO:0048545) 2.39E-03 1.99E-03
Antigen processing and presentation (GO:0019882) 2.00E-05 3.13E-03
Cell migration (GO:0016477) 3.16E-03 3.65E-03
  1. Most significant Gene Ontology (GO) terms overrepresented in both expression array comparisons. adj p-value: adjusted p-value.