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Table 3 KEGG pathways associated to Pax8 silencing

From: Genome-wide analysis of Pax8 binding provides new insights into thyroid functions

Global class   KEGG pathway Scr. vs Pax8
Wt. vs Pax8
Downreg. probes Phosph. I. Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 1.28E-03 8.10E-05
  Inositol phosphate metab. 4.18E-02 9.88E-04
Aa metab. Glycine, serine and threonine metab. 1.25E-04 2.42E-02
  Selenoamino acid metab. 1.61E-03 1.16E-02
  Cysteine and methionine metab. 7.21E-03 1.25E-03
  Arginine and proline metab. 1.06E-02 9.73E-07
Cell cycle Cell cycle 9.67E-05 9.73E-07
CAMs Cell adhesion molecules 9.37E-03 5.39E-03
Immune response Antigen processing and presentation 1.56E-05 2.86E-03
  Autoimmune thyroid disease 5.26E-04 2.76E-03
DNA/RNA processes Purine metab. 1.56E-05 9.52E-09
  Base excision repair 5.85E-05 2.20E-03
  Pyrimidine metab. 1.25E-04 5.86E-09
  Nucleotide excision repair 2.99E-04 3.22E-03
  RNA degradation 9.95E-04 2.76E-03
  Mismatch repair 1.22E-03 4.76E-05
  Homologous recombination 2.30E-02 7.50E-03
  DNA replication 2.88E-02 2.98E-06
Signaling pathways p53 signaling pathway 7.24E-03 7.26E-07
Upreg. probes Cell processes Endocytosis 1.13E-10 4.66E-14
  Lysosome 1.23E-06 1.55E-05
Cell migration/adhesion Cell adhesion molecules 2.43E-09 1.59E-06
Signaling pathways Cytosolic DNA- sensing pathway 4.36E-04 5.70E-06
  NOD-like receptor signaling pathway 2.59E-03 9.17E-05
  Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 4.26E-06 3.52E-07
  Chemokine signaling pathway 1.91E-05 9.22E-06
  MAPK signaling 7.52E-06 4.69E-07
Cancer Thyroid cancer 1.65E-02 1.23E-04
  Prostate cancer 2.30E-05 4.74E-07
  Endometrial cancer 8.49E-04 1.49E-05
  Pancreatic cancer 1.34E-05 7.79E-06
  Renal cell carcinoma 1.95E-03 9.22E-06
  Colorectal cancer 1.16E-03 4.71E-05
  Pathways in cancer 5.20E-06 2.07E-10
Immune response Viral myocarditis 2.49E-11 2.68E-08
  Graft-versus-host disease 1.53E-09 5.16E-07
  Allograft rejection 9.99E-08 4.28E-06
  Autoimmune thyroid disease 2.53E-08 1.59E-06
   Antigen processing and presentation 1.13E-10 5.06E-13
  1. Most significant KEGG pathways enriched among common downregulated (n = 633) and upregulated (n = 565) probes for both expression array comparisons. Downreg.: Downregulated; Upreg.: Upregulated; adj p-value: adjusted p-value; Phosph.I:Phosphatidylinositol; Aa: Amino acid; metab.:metabolism.