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Figure 3

From: GeSICA: Genome segmentation from intra-chromosomal associations

Figure 3

Markov Clustering validation and features of the boundaries of the detailed segmentation. (A) Displayed is stability of Markov Clustering result in two cell lines: the percentage of shared boundaries between two consecutive inflation parameters reached a plateau at inflation around 3.0. (B) Transcription factors and histone modifications most and least enriched in the boundaries between neighboring clusters are shown for the GM06990 cell line. Only clusters with at least one bin not in the cluster boundary were considered. The most enriched are the binding sites of PolII, CTCF, Taf1 and the co- binding sites of CTCF and Rad21. ***: adjusted p-value < 10-40, **: adjusted p-value < 10-10, *: 10-10 < adjusted p-value < 10-3. (C) Shown are the comparisons of the enrichment of 25% high-‒;expressed genes, 25% low-expressed genes and the rest of the genes in the boundaries of GM06990. The higher the gene expressions, the more enrichment there is in boundaries.

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