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Figure 6

From: Comparison of low and high dose ionising radiation using topological analysis of gene coexpression networks

Figure 6

Analysis strategy. Analysis strategy for comparing dose-specific gene co-expression networks for topological overlap and connectivity differences. Each network refers to a particular dose-specific network at a particular time point. Analysis I refers to comparing topological overlap and connectivity differences between networks built with common DE genes. In Analysis I, netAB1 is compared with netAB2, netCD1 with net CD2, netEF1 with netEF2 and netGH1 with netGH2. Analysis II refers to comparing connectivity differences only. In this step, networkA is compared to networkB (In order to keep the picture clear, we did not put an analysis arrow between networkA and networkB across the picture) to identify genes with high connectivity difference and the selected genes are also investigated in the comparison between netAB1 and netAB2. This kind of analysis is carried out for all the networks in a similar fashion.

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