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Table 1 Structured Allen Mouse Brain Atlas riboprobes

From: Transcripts with in silico predicted RNA structure are enriched everywhere in the mouse brain

  Only Only Overlap Overlap  
  Intergenic Intronic 5’ UTR 3’ UTR Total
Expressed structured ncRNAs 141 10    151
Expressed structured UTRs    817 4,502 5,126
Expressed Atlas probes 462 15 2,492 8,108 16,483
  1. Structured Allen Mouse Brain Atlas riboprobes have RNA secondary structures predicted by , are expressed above background in the adult mouse brain and are mapped to the mouse genome (mm8). We subdivided structured probes into two genomic locations: (1) structured (long) noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) have no protein coding potential and the entire probe is intergenic or intronic, and (2) structured UTRs are probes overlapping a UTR exon annotated in UCSC or RefSeq gene tracks with an RNA structure prediction. Total numbers of expressed Allen Mouse Brain Atlas probes (structured and non-structured) are listed. Detailed information about probes and structures are contained in Additional file 1.