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Table 1 Strains sequenced in this study

From: Genome characterisation of the genus Francisella reveals insight into similar evolutionary paths in pathogens of mammals and fish

Species FSC ID Alternate designation Year isolated Source Location NCBI ID
F. tularensis subsp. holarctica FSC021 F0014, Tsuchiya 1958 Human lymph node Fukushima prefecture, Japan 73369
F. tularensis subsp. holarctica FSC208 3049UBG 1998 Human Gävleborg county, Sweden 73467
F. tularensis subsp. holarctica FSC539 2004-32-55 2004 Human blood Örebro county, Sweden 73393
F. tularensis subsp. mediasiatica FSC148 F0012, 240, 840 1982 Tick Jambyl oblast, Kazakhstan 73379
F. tularensis subsp. tularensis FSC054 F0010, Nevada 14 1953 Hare (Lepus californicus) Nevada state, USA 73375
F. novicida FSC159 F0052; fx2; 110 1995 Human blood Texas state, USA 73383
F. novicida FSC160 fx1; Houston, 2766 1991 Human blood Texas state, USA 73385
F. novicida FSC595 F58 2003 Human blood Brazil/UK/Germany 73395
F. hispaniensis FSC454 FhSp1 2003 Human blood Elche, Spain 73391
F. noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FDC178 NVI 7601, F/134/09A 2009 Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Waterford, Ireland 73465
F. noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC769 NVI 2005/50/F292-6C, NCIMB14265, LMG23800, DSM12596 2005 Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Hordaland county, Norway 73397
F. noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC772 NVI 5888, PQ1106 2006 Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) Lake Llanquihue, Chile 73449
F. noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC7742 NVI 5865, GM2212 2004 Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Rogaland county, Norway 73457
F. noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC7752 DSM18777, GM2212 2004 Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Rogaland county, Norway 73459
F. noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC846 NVI 5518, SVA 74/04 2004 Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Southern Skagerrak, Sweden 73463
F. noatunensis subsp. orientalis FSC770 NVI 5409, PQ1104, 2006 Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) Costa Rica 73389
F. noatunensis subsp. orientalis FSC771 Ehime-1, PQ1105 2001 Three-line grunt (Parapristipoma trilineatum) Uwajima, Ehime prefecture, Japan 73447
Wolbachia persica FSC845 ATCC VR - 331 1960 Soft tick (Oken) (Argas persicus) from buff-backed heron (Bubulcus ibis) Nile Barrage Park, Cairo, Egypt 73171
F. philomiragia FSC037 F0047, ATCC 25016 1960 Water Bear River Refuge, Utah state, USA 73371
F. philomiragia FSC039 F0049, ATCC 25018 1960 Water Odgen Bay Refuge, Utah state, USA 73373
F. philomiragia FSC145 F0046; CCUG 12603 1982 Human abscess Göteborg, Sweden 73377
F. philomiragia FSC154 Swiss 1979 Bone marrow, ascitic fluid Zürich, Switzerland 73381
Fangia hongkongensis FSC776 JCM14605 2004 Seawater at the outlet of a sand filter Port Shelter, Hongkong, China 73461
Piscirickettsia salmonis FSC773 NVI 5692 2006 Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) Møre & Romsdal county, Norway 73451
  1. 1 FDC178 was supplied by the Marine Institute, Oranmore, Ireland.
  2. 2 FSC774 was supplied by the National Veterinary Institue (NVI), Norway and FSC775 was requisitioned from the German Microorganism Collection (DSM).
  3. 3 FSC 160 (fx1) was supplied by VAMC, Houston, Texas. (Previously published FSC156 (fx1) was supplied by another lab.).
  4. 4 FSC539 from same patient as FSC529 in Svensson et al 2009.
  5. Information about isolates sequenced in this study.