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Table 1 The WRKY transcription factor family in Brachypodium

From: The WRKY transcription factor family in Brachypodium distachyon

Gene name Location Gene model Comments
BdWRKY1 Bd2:14220256.14222873 Bradi2g16150.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY2 Bd2:3983627.3984262 Bradi2g05510.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY3 Bd2:58924622.58926999 Bradi2g62130.1 Group IIc. Gene model incorrect.
BdWRKY4 Bd2:9403194.9408009 Bradi2g11170.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY5 Bd2:6965062.6969356 Bradi2g08620.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY6 Bd3:17079694.17080883 Bradi3g18580.1 Group IId
BdWRKY7 Bd4:1276705.1278741 Bradi4g01950.1 Group I
BdWRKY8 Bd2:52655598.52657803 Bradi2g53510.1 Group III
BdWRKY9 Bd2:52646076.52649410 Bradi2g53500.1 Group III
BdWRKY10 Bd4:47804750.47805919 Bradi4g44370.1 Group III
BdWRKY11 Bd2:30385271.30389483 Bradi2g30790.1 Group III
BdWRKY12 Bd3:57392174.57394564 Bradi3g57710.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY13 Bd3:36924901.36926175 Bradi3g34570.1 Group IIe, Gene Model incorrect.
BdWRKY14 Bd4:36119270.36124180 Bradi4g30370.1 Group IIa. Prediction using 40kb sequence for
   Bradi4g30360.1 Bradi4g30360 and Bradi4g30370 together.
BdWRKY15 Bd4:47786980.47788750 Bradi4g44350.1 Group III
BdWRKY16 Bd2:46341174.46344106 Bradi2g45900.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY17 Bd2:30398035.30400975 Bradi2g30800.1 Group III
BdWRKY18 Bd1:1580683.1586394 Bradi1g02340.1 Group I. Second domain is truncated.
    Possible pseudogene.
BdWRKY19 Bd4:33637416.33639506 Bradi4g28280.1 Group III
BdWRKY20 Bd1:62421625.62422845 Bradi1g63220.1 Group III
BdWRKY21 Bd3:8007304.8009052 Bradi3g09810.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY22 Bd1:47430434.47433797 Bradi1g48770.1 Group III
BdWRKY23 Bd1:5717967.5719246 Bradi1g08100.1 Group IIc. Gene model incorrect.
BdWRKY24 Bd2:49173622.49177995 Bradi2g49020.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY25 Bd2: 52664751 - 52666466 Bradi2g53520.1 Group III
BdWRKY26 Bd4:21655844.21659743 Bradi4g19060.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY27 Bd1:5619653.5623406 Bradi1g07970.1 Group I
BdWRKY28 Bd1:14207355.14209349 Bradi1g17660.1 Group III
BdWRKY29 Bd4:47797837.47799556 Bradi4g44360.1 Group III
BdWRKY30 Bd2:13707176.13708809 Bradi2g15360.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY31 Bd1:11188915.11191904 Bradi1g14300.1 Group IId
BdWRKY32 Bd5:16639846.16643118 Bradi5g13090.1 Group I
BdWRKY33 Bd5:20666685.20686684 - Group IIc. No Gene Model
BdWRKY34 Bd5:6201425.6206424 Bradi5g04820.1 Group IId Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY35 Bd5:23482100.23483388 Bradi5g20700.1 Group II d
BdWRKY36 Bd5:23193818.23196993 Bradi5g20290.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY37 Bd3:41662537.41665191 Bradi3g39340.1 Group I
BdWRKY38 Bd3:18514515.18520937 Bradi3g19640.1 Group I
BdWRKY39 Bd3:4354442.4356174 Bradi3g06070.1 Group IIa
BdWRKY40 Bd3:37214494.37216071 Bradi3g34850.1 Group III
BdWRKY41 Bd3:51584113.51587575 Bradi3g50360.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY42 Bd3:53316886.53321459 Bradi3g52420.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY43 Bd4:31071952.31076951 Bradi4g25720.1 Group III, Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY44 Bd2:19779563.19782548 Bradi2g22230.1 Group III
BdWRKY45 Bd2:52860060.52862718 Bradi2g53760.1 Group I
BdWRKY46 Bd2:19960366.19962573 Bradi2g22440.1 Group I
BdWRKY47 Bd2:37371.39452 Bradi2g00280.1 Group I
BdWRKY48 Bd2:3979821.3981719 Bradi2g05500.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY49 Bd2:3815724.3825723 - Group IIc. No Gene Model
BdWRKY50 Bd2:33674703.33675549 Bradi2g33540.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY51 Bd2:14038105.14040104 Bradi2g15880.1 Group III. Gene Model short.
BdWRKY52 Bd2:42525077.42527076 - Group IIc. No gene Model.
BdWRKY53 Bd2:44578672.44580858 Bradi2g44090.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY54 Bd2:16801079.16803652 Bradi2g19070.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY55 Bd2:45857664.45858974 Bradi2g45480.1 Group III
BdWRKY56 Bd2:16474142.16475652 Bradi2g18530.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY57 Bd2:53553539.53556063 Bradi2g54720.1 Group IIc, Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY58 Bd2:48426948.48428121 Bradi2g48090.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY59 Bd4:48418469.4842114 Bradi4g45290.1 Group I. Gene Model Short.
BdWRKY60 Bd4:39074575.39078767 Bradi4g33370.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY61 Bd4:5576052.5581378 Bradi4g06690.1 Group I
BdWRKY62 Bd4:9350003.9357060 Bradi4g09890.1 Group I
BdWRKY63 Bd4:1992609.1995531 Bradi4g02680.1 Group IId
BdWRKY64 Bd1:18715369.18721632 Bradi1g23340.1 Group I
BdWRKY65 Bd1:46394072.46396455 Bradi1g47690.1 One and a half WRKY domains followed by
    a FAR1-s domain and a MULE transposon.
BdWRKY66 Bd1:13042696.13049431 Bradi1g16120.1 Group I
BdWRKY67 Bd1:18197079.18200281 Bradi1g22680.1 Group I
BdWRKY68 Bd1:26329079.26330580 Bradi1g30870.1 Group IIa
BdWRKY69 Bd1:36017779.36022778 - Group IIe. No Gene Model
BdWRKY70 Bd1:49453669.49457672 Bradi1g51030.1 Group IIb
BdWRKY71 Bd1:58314278.58317315 Bradi1g59180.1 Group IIc
BdWRKY72 Bd1:10018159.10019283 Bradi1g13210.1 Group IIc. WKKY group
BdWRKY73 Bd1:724757.729756 Bradi1g01060.1 Group IIe. No Gene Model.
BdWRKY74 Bd1:6545010.6548310 Bradi1g09170.1 Group IId
BdWRKY75 Bd1:70813782.70818781 - Retrotransposon with N-terminal part of WRKY domain.
BdWRKY76 Bd2:14428190.14433051 Bradi2g16360.1 Group IIc. Gene Model Incorrect
BdWRKY77 Bd2:49902436.49907435 - Group IIe. No Gene Model.
BdWRKY78 Bd1:63118295.63119746 Bradi1g63910.1 Group III
BdWRKY79 Bd2:44782012.44783510 Bradi2g44270.1 Group III
BdWRKY80 Bd2:49068600.49073599 Bradi2g48910.1 Group IIe
BdWRKY81 Bd2:13725107.13735106 - Group IIe. No Gene model.
BdWRKY82 Bd2:44526356.44531355 - Group IIe. No Gene Model.
BdWRKY83 Bd2:19783798.19788797 Bradi2g22240.1 Group III. Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY84 Bd2:52617265.52627264 Bradi2g53480.1 Group III. Gene Model Incorrect
BdWRKY85 Bd2: 52628591 - 52629373 Bradi2g53490 Group III. Gene Model Incorrect.
BdWRKY86 Bd4:47782844.47784664 - Group III.No Gene Model
  1. For each WRKY transcription factor, the chromosomal location and gene model (if present) are shown, together with any comments concerning the gene.