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Figure 4

From: Transcriptome analysis of the honey bee fungal pathogen, Ascosphaera apis: implications for host pathogenesis

Figure 4

Amplification of alternative mating type alleles from A. apis genomic DNA. Lanes 1–2: amplification of a 2.8 kb span of the MAT locus from a MAT-1 strain (labeled “A10”) and a MAT-2 strain (labeled “0.5-1A”), respectively, using the primer combination 5′ flaking MAT2 (Scaf74) and DNALR1. Lanes 3–4: primers targeting the α-box-encoding transcript identified from transcriptome sequencing (see text) amplified a product from the MAT-1 but not the MAT-2 strain. Lanes 5–6: primers targeting the HMG-domain-encoding gene of the MAT-2 allele amplified a product from the MAT-2 but not the MAT-1 strain.

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