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Table 2 Summary of experimental procedure for sRNA libraries construction

From: Computational identification and analysis of novel sugarcane microRNAs

Assay Culture condition Genotype Sample sRNA libraries
Water deficita soil Tolerant - CTC15, CTC6, SP83-2847 and SP83-5073 root Control: T0h and S0h
Sensitive - CTC9, CTC13, SP90-1638 and SP90-3414 T24h and S24h
Salt stressb in vitro - hydroponic SP70-1143 leaf Control (0 h)
1 h; 6 h; 24 h
Pathogen infectionc in vitro SP70-1143 whole plant Control (CT)
     Inoculated (AA)
  1. a Drought stress induced by withholding watering.
  2. b Salt stress induced by 170 mM solution of NaCl.
  3. c Pathogen infection with A. avenae.