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Table 2 Analysis of regulons

From: PePPER: a webserver for prediction of prokaryote promoter elements and regulons

B. subt L.lactisMG1363 Blast
  locus tag gene name Protein ID GeneID e-value
walK llmg_0414 llrC YP_001031764.1 4797664 2.00E-91
walR llmg_0413 kinC YP_001031763.1 4798420 1.00E-95
yycJ llmg_0412 vicX YP_001031762.1 4798732 4.00E-78
yycK llmg_2419 htrA YP_001033660.1 4797497 3.00E-74
ftsA llmg_2061 ftsA YP_001033316.1 4797264 3.00E-74
ftsZ llmg_2060 ftsZ YP_001033315.1 4798073 5.00E-106
phoP llmg_0414 llrC YP_001031764.1 4797664 2.00E-67
phoR llmg_0413 kinC YP_001031763.1 4798420 2.00E-51
tagB llmg_1603 tagB YP_001032887.1 4798977 1.00E-32
tagD llmg_1606 tagD2 YP_001032890.1 4798976 3.00E-33
tagF llmg_1604 tagF YP_001032888.1 4798736 2.00E-73
yjeA llmg_0293 xynD YP_001031648.1 4797603 3.00E-43
yocH llmg_2194 llmg_2194 YP_001033444.1 4798120 2.00E-22
  1. A. Comparison of the B. subtilis WalRK regulon to the L. lactis MG1363 genome.