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Table 4 Correspondence with the results of Rokyta et al.[11]]

From: The venom-gland transcriptome of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus)

454 name Accession Closest match % nt divergence Notes
CREGF HQ414087 CREGF 0.1  
CRISP HQ414088 CRISP 0.0 Identical
CTL-1 HQ414089 CTL-4a 0.0 Identical
CTL-2 HQ414090 CTL-8a 0.0 Identical
CTL-3 HQ414091 CTL-1 0.0 Identical
CTL-4 HQ414092 CTL-9a 0.8  
CTL-5 HQ414093 CTL-3e 0.9  
CTL-6 HQ414094 CTL-12b 0.0 Identical
CTL-7 HQ414095 CTL-10 0.0 Identical
CTL-8 HQ414096 CTL-2a 0.0 Identical
CTL-9 HQ414097 CTL-5a 0.0 Identical
HYAL HQ414098 HYAL-1 0.0 454 version incomplete
LAAO HQ414099 LAAO 0.0 Identical
MYO HQ414100 MYO 0.0 454 version has 1-nt deletion that truncates the coding sequence prematurely
NUC HQ414101 NUC 0.0 454 version incomplete
PDE-1 HQ414102 PDE 0.0 454 version has 123-nt insertion
PDE-2 HQ414103 PDE-2 (nontoxin) 0.0 454 version incomplete; no signal peptide; no longer considered toxin
PLA2 HQ414104 PLA2-1b 0.0 Identical
PLB HQ414105 PLB (nontoxin) 0.2 No longer considered toxin
SVMP-1 HQ414106 SVMPII-3b 0.0 Identical
SVMP-2 HQ414107 SVMPII-3b/c 0.5  
SVMP-3 HQ414108 SVMPII-5a 0.3  
SVMP-4 HQ414109 SVMPIII-2d 1.2  
SVMP-5 HQ414110 SVMPIII-4b 1.0  
SVMP-6 HQ414111 SVMPIII-2d 0.2  
SVMP-7 HQ414112 SVMPIII-4a 0.0 Identical
SVMP-8 HQ414113 SVMPIII-5 0.5 454 version incomplete
SVMP-9 HQ414114 SVMPIII-1a/b 0.0 454 version incomplete
SVMP-10 HQ414115 SVMPIII-6 0.0 454 version incomplete
SVMP-11 HQ414116 SVMPIII-3a 0.0 454 version incomplete
SVSP-1 HQ414117 SVSP-3a 0.0 454 version has 1-nt deletion that truncates the coding sequence prematurely
SVSP-2 HQ414118 SVSP-1 0.0 Identical
SVSP-3 HQ414119 SVSP-7a 0.0 Identical
SVSP-4 HQ414120 SVSP-5 0.1  
SVSP-5 HQ414121 SVSP-9 0.5  
SVSP-6 HQ414122 SVSP-6 0.0 Identical
SVSP-7 HQ414123 SVSP-4b 0.0 454 version incomplete
SVSP-8 HQ414124 SVSP-2 0.0 454 version incomplete
SVSP-9 HQ414125 None >10 454 version incomplete
VESP HQ414126 VESP 0.0 Identical