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Figure 4

From: High resolution clustering of Salmonella enterica serovar Montevideo strains using a next-generation sequencing approach

Figure 4

NGS discovery of unique SNPs and insertional genetic attributes found in a highly homogeneous strain of S. Montevideo from California (157_Clinical_CA). (A) Isolate names correspond to samples in Table 1, and gene names correspond to the ORFs containing informative SNPs among a single S. Montevideo outbreak clone in Table 3. A representative nucleotide site observed across 5 isolates is listed for each ORF. ORFs are mapped against a reference of S. Typhimurium strain LT2 with lines going to approximate chromosomal positions relative to the reference (numbers in mbp). (B) A comparative MAUVE analysis of isolate 157_Clinical_CA revealed the presence of a 100 kb insertion with homology to Enterobacterial phage D6. Here we compared the isolate to another more complete homologous relative, phage P1 to document the insertion site. Graphic is standard MAUVE format showing putative genes as boxes with arrows documenting insertions and rearrangements. Forward and reverse strands are on opposite sides of the mid-line.

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