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Figure 5

From: High resolution clustering of Salmonella enterica serovar Montevideo strains using a next-generation sequencing approach

Figure 5

Phylogenetic GARLI tree from resequencing of matching human-food isolate pairs, individual colonies, and sub-passages of a single strain of S . Montevideo. Terminal names, scale bar, and branch lengths are as in Figure 1. The tree was rooted with two outgroup isolates, both of which were obtained from Pistachio. The laboratory-generated isolates were indistinguishable in a phylogenetic analysis with all replicates clustering together. Some of the biological, laboratory, or technical replicate genomes yielded nucleotide differences and these are seen as longer terminal branches for several isolates on the tree. These few changes did not alter relatedness or inclusivity/exclusivity among the matching food/human isolates.

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