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Table 1 Related genes with brain expression patterns associated with domestication in multiple species

From: Brain transcriptome variation among behaviorally distinct strains of zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Genes Zebrafish Strain Zebrafish Domestication Rainbow Trout Domestication[[37]] Fox Tameness[[35]] Dog-Wolf Comparison[[36]] Mouse Behavior[[47]]
Caspase casp2, casp3a, caspb casp3a (+) casp8 (+)    
Coiled-coil domain containing ccdc47, ccdc53, ccdc93, Dr.18793.1.A1_at Dr.18793.1.A1_at (+) BU965755 (+)    
Collagens col1a2, col2a1a, col5a2l, col9a2, wu:fa99c11, zgc:56518   col1a1 (+), col1a2 (+)    col1a1a, col3a1b
Cytochrome c oxidase    cox2 (–), cox3 (–)    cox5ab
DNAj dnajc12 dnajc3 (–)     dnajc6(AI840916)c
Eukaryotic translation initiation factors eif1ax, eif4enif1 eif1ax (+), eif4enif1 (–) eif3s2 (+), eif3s7 (+)    
Glutathione peroxidases gpx1a, gpx4a   gpx3 (–)    gpx3d
Hemoglobins hbaa1, ba1   hba,hba1, hba4, hbb, hbb1, hbb2, hbb4 (all +) hbe, hbg1, hbg2, hba, hbz (all –)   hbaa1e
NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone)    ndf1a4 (+) ndufb8 (–)   
Neurofilament, light peptide    CB514125 (+)    nefle
Potassium channel proteins Dr.16785.1.A1_at (kcnk1)     kcnj4 (–) AI835316 (kcnc2)a
Purkinje cell protein 4     pcp4 (*) pcp4 (+)  
Selenoprotein P sepp1a sepp1a (+)    sepp1 (+)  
Syntaxins stx3a, stx6, syntaxin1b    stx1b2 (+)   
Syntaxin binding proteins    stxbp3 (+)    stxbp2b, stxbp6e
Transthyretin (prealbumin, amyloidosis type I)     ttr (*) ttr (+)  
  1. Studies included the present study on zebrafish (Danio rerio), an analysis of domestication in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) [37], silver fox (Vulpes vulpes) selected for tameness [35], a comparison between dog (Canis familiaris) and wolf (Canius lupus) [36], and an analysis of strain variation in laboratory mice (Mus musculus) [47]. Positive signs (+) indicated up-regulation in domesticated populations relative to wild, while negative signs (–) indicate down-regulation. An asterisk (*) indicates that the direction of differential expression differed among brain regions.
  2. a Negative correlation with open field activity; b Positive correlation with distance traveled after ethanol administration; c Positive correlation with electroconvulsive threshold; d Negative correlation with electroconvulsive threshold; e Positive correlation with open field activity.