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Table 2 Selected differentially expressed genes in S. hygroscopicus 5008 at 37°C compared with at 30°C

From: Genomic and transcriptomic insights into the thermo-regulated biosynthesis of validamycin in Streptomyces hygroscopicus 5008

Description Gene ID or name Fold change
Up-regulated genes at 37°C   
Validamycin biosynthesis valABCD, valKLMN, valEF, valIJ 4.1-23.8
PKS-NRPS biosynthesis SHJG0303-SHJG0325 6.8-707.3
PKS-NRPS biosynthesis SHJG1907-SHJG1918, SHJG1921-SHJG1929 2.1-11.8
Type III PKS biosynthesis SHJG8479 12.9
Central carbon metabolisms SHJG3123 (gntK), SHJG3510 (citE) 4.6-5.2
Nitrogen metabolism SHJG7666 (gdhA), SHJG7685 (glnA3) 2.7-3.0
Ribosomal proteins SHJG0705-SHJG0706, SHJG0835-SHJG0836, SHJG2929, SHJG5163-SHJG5164, SHJG5778, SHJG5809-SHJG5816 2.1-3.6
Heat shock proteins SHJG4359 (hspX) , SHJG5369-SHJG5372 (dnaK-grpE-dnaJ-hspR), SHJG7073, SHJG8393 3.3-5.3
Markedly expressed regulators SHJG0301, SHJG0319, SHJG0322, SHJG0477, SHJG6588, SHJG6678, SHJG6961, SHJG7352 4.3-128.2
Down-regulated genes at 37°C   
Glycolysis SHJG2653 (pfk), SHJG3403 (gap), SHJG3488 (pyk) 2.6-3.5
Nitrogen metabolism SHJG2665 (ureD), SHJG2667 (ureE), SHJG2668-SHJG2670 (ureCBA) , SHJG3687 (glnA), SHJG3702 (glnII) , SHJG3730 (glnA2), SHJG3958 (nirB) , SHJG4429 (narK) , SHJG4923 (glnR), SHJG6704 (amtB) , SHJG6705 (glnB) , SHJG6706 (glnD) 4.1-16.7
Phosphate starvation response SHJG0329 (phoA), SHJG2705, SHJG4290 (ppe), SHJG4865 (phoU), SHJG4934 (ppk), SHJG4942-SHJG4945 (pstBACS), SHJG5998-SHJG5999 (neuAB), SHJG8008 (glpQ), SHJG8009 3.9-144.3
Sulfate assimilation SHJG1828-SHJG1830, SHJG4909 (cysA), SHJG7116, SHJG7181-SHJG7183 (ssuABC), SHJG7184-SHJG7187 (cysCNDH), SHJG7188, SHJG7189 (cycI) 4.7-16.8
Markedly expressed regulators SHJG0180, SHJG1204, SHJG1557, SHJG4402, SHJG4865, SHJG5108, SHJG5332, SHJG6822, SHJG7752, SHJG8626, SHJG8650,SHJG8654, SHJG8656, SHJG8657 4.3-31.3
  1. Differentially expressed genes both in strain 5008 and NRRL 8165 at 37°C relative to at 30°C are underlined.