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Table 5 Physiological processes affected by lead in individuals with high blood lead levels

From: Analysis of lead toxicity in human cells

Category Count P-Value
Nervous system development and function 8 8.32E-04 - 4.62E-02
Proliferation of Schwann cells 3 8.32E-04
Growth of axons 3 2.50E-02
Axonal transport 2 4.62E-02
Tissue development 18 3.62E-03 - 4.62E-02
Tumor Morphology 9 6.34E-03 - 4.62E-02
Hematological system development and function 22 9.70E-03 - 4.81E-02
Hematopoiesis 13 9.70E-03 - 3.61E-02