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Table 4 Aspergillus niger strains used in this study

From: Genome-wide expression analysis upon constitutive activation of the HacA bZIP transcription factor in Aspergillus niger reveals a coordinated cellular response to counteract ER stress

Strain Genotype Reference
N402 cspA1 derivative of ATCC9029 [79]
MA70.15 ΔkusA::amdS + in AB4.1 pyrG - [80]
NC1.1 Wild type hacA in MA70.15, pyrG+ This study
NC2.1 Constitutive active hacA in MA70.15, pyrG+ This study
YvdM1.1 Δamy R in AB4.1 pyrG+ [58]
XY3.1 Δinu R in AB4.1 pyrG+ [81]