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Table 1 RosR regulon with arCOG data (archaeal Clusters of Orthologous Groups)

From: The RosR transcription factor is required for gene expression dynamics in response to extreme oxidative stress in a hypersaline-adapted archaeon

ORF Gene alias arCOG ID Category Protein function
VNG0144H VNG0144H arCOG02761 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG0255C VNG0255C arCOG02942 L Ribonuclease HI
VNG0256H VNG0256H arCOG04769 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG0439C VNG0439C arCOG00570 C Dehydrogenase (flavoprotein)
VNG0485H VNG0485H arCOG09222 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG0486G hat1 arCOG00842 J Acetyltransferase, RimL family
VNG0487H VNG0487H arCOG00842 J Acetyltransferase, RimL family
VNG0488H VNG0488H arCOG04770 I Acyl-CoA synthetase (AMP-forming)/AMP-acid ligase II
VNG0506H VNG0506H arCOG09224 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG0556G sgb arCOG02209 R Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein, Mvin family
VNG0777G taqD arCOG01222 M Cytidylyltransferase fused to conserved domain of DUF357 family
VNG0778C VNG0778C arCOG01139 R Predicted metal-dependent protease of the PAD1/JAB1 superfamily
VNG1041H VNG1041H   NA NA
VNG1201G fucA arCOG04226 G Fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase
VNG1202C VNG1202C arCOG02291 R HAD superfamily hydrolase
VNG1204G gdhA2 arCOG01352 E Glutamate dehydrogenase/leucine dehydrogenase
VNG1246H VNG1246H arCOG04608 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG1330H VNG1330H arCOG07569 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG1332G sod2 arCOG04147 P Superoxide dismutase
VNG1343C VNG1343C arCOG04303 R Uncharacterized Rossmann fold enzyme
VNG1404G trh1 arCOG02815 K, O Putative transcripion factor, Lrp family (K). Conserved domain frequently associated with peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase (O).
VNG1425H VNG1425H arCOG04789 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG1444G hisD arCOG04352 E Histidinol dehydrogenase
VNG1474G est arCOG01648 R Alpha/beta superfamily hydrolase
VNG1533H VNG1533H arCOG06229 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG1589C VNG1589C arCOG09277 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG1749G gbp1 arCOG00357 J Predicted GTPase, probable translation factor
VNG1948H VNG1948H arCOG04525 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG1963H VNG1963H   NA NA
VNG2184G tfbA arCOG01981 K Transcription initiation factor TFIIIB, Brf1 subunit/Transcription initiation factor TFIIB
VNG2286G mamA arCOG01710 I Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase, C-terminal domain/subunit (cobalamin-binding)
VNG2288G mamB arCOG06231 E Glutamate mutase epsilon subunit
VNG2289G mal arCOG06232 E Methylaspartate ammonia-lyase
VNG2290G maoC1 arCOG00775 I Acyl dehydratase
VNG2291G cat arCOG06124 C Acetyl-CoA hydrolase
VNG2376H VNG2376H arCOG04728 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG2444C VNG2444C arCOG01141 R Phosphoesterase
VNG2556H VNG2556H arCOG09321 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG2570G dcd arCOG04048 F Deoxycytidine deaminase
VNG2591C VNG2591C arCOG02264 S Predicted membrane protein
VNG2593H VNG2593H arCOG03026 O Thioredoxin-like protein
VNG2594C VNG2594C arCOG09323 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG2669G cyo arCOG04471 S Predicted membrane protein
VNG5143C VNG5143C arCOG09333 R Predicted permease
VNG5157H VNG5157H   NA NA
VNG5164C VNG5164C arCOG04311 R Predicted hydrolase of HD superfamily
VNG6275H VNG6275H   NA NA
VNG6276H VNG6276H arCOG09354 S Uncharacterized conserved protein
VNG6312G argS arCOG00487 J Arginyl-tRNA synthetase
VNG6313G nhaC3 arCOG02010 C Na+/H + antiporter
  1. ORF - open reading frame number from H. salinarum NRC-1 genome [44]; Gene alias – where present, common four-letter name of protein; arCOG ID, identification code for each arCOG sub-group annotation [48]; Category – arCOG category letter designation for each protein (as in Figure 7, Additional file 4: Table S2, Additional file 5: Table S3); protein function – function of predicted protein product as annotated by arCOGs; NA, not in arCOGs.