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Table 1 Difference in genes coding protein between normal-type and Ogura-type

From: A complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Ogura-type male-sterile cytoplasm and its comparative analysis with that of normal cytoplasm in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

Gene Nucleic acid Amino acidb
nad4 1010 T-C Non-synonymous (337 L-P)
cox1 117 G-T Synonymous
atp6 no homology in 5′ terminal  
atp8 370 A-C Non-synonymous (124 I-L)
  444 T-C Non-synonymous (150 V-A)
atp9 65 A-G Non-synonymous (22 I-V)
rpL2 840 C-T Synonymous
rpL16 492 G-A Synonymous
rps4 776 C-T Non-synonymous (259 S-F)
ccmC 351 G-A Synonymous
ccmFC 605 A-G Non-synonymous(202 E-G)
  606 G-T
orfX no homology in 3′ terminal  
  1. a Location of SNP (Normal-Ogura).
  2. b Location of amino acid mutation (Normal-Ogura).